What Will You Choose Between Happiness And Freedom?


Jan. 12, 2021

Will you take the red pill or the blue pill? The red pill of happiness or the blue pill of freedom? I think I' ll choose the latter. But I' ll explain both sides of it.

When is happiness achieved? Happiness is mostly achieved when you maybe get a promotion in your job, or you achieve all of your dreams and goals, or in general, you get that one thing you' ve been longing for. You' ll be happy. But then after you' ve achieved that happiness what next? Even after getting that promotion and end up doing your job very well, you end up getting bored again. This is because our bodies long for new adventures and once you start doing the same thing all over again, you' ll get tired and you' d wish for new adventures.

I think that is why most people after a long day of work decide to spare some time for themselves to explore what the world has for them. And that' s where freedom comes in. Freedom comes in when you can do anything, and any time you want without any rules without people looking at you or judging you.

There are no rules, and you end up creating yours. You get to learn from the mistakes you make. Other than attaining full happiness but still feel like you' re being constrained to do something.

When I think of freedom, I think about the birds that fly in the air, there' s no traffic, no point in your life will you hear that you' ve reached the end of the world.

Forget about happiness, I honestly want to be free, free from everything and anything in this world. Free to make my own reality without someone being on my neck. I normally even tell myself that even in marriage there' s happiness but you' ll never find freedom. Freedom is found within not with another person.

So what will you choose, freedom or happiness?

By Mellan Kiptala