Hummingbirds can't walk

funny_facts | July. 12, 2017

1.Saltwater crocodiles can swim 15 to 18 miles per hour in short bursts.

2.In India, pickled ginger, minced mutton, and a cottage cheese like substance are popular pizza toppings.

3.Almonds are a member of the peach family.

4.Hummingbirds can't walk.

5.The average human body contains enough fat to make seven bars of soap.

6.The largest population of brown bears is in Russia, with 120,000.

7.Apples are actually part of the rose family.

8.In Utah, birds have the right of way on any public highway.

9.Men laugh longer, louder, and more often than women.

10.Leonardo da Vinci invented the bicycle 300 years before it appeared on the road.

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