Why you should NEVER skip brushing the tongue

life tips | July. 21, 2017

Brushing the tongue feels strange to some people but it is a great way to maintain oral hygiene.

Just like brushing the teeth daily (naturally twice; during the day and last thing at night) the tongue should get the same treatment, you should make it a habit to finish off dental routine cleaning the tongue.

After brushing the teeth, use the bristles to gently brush the tongue in these easy steps:

1. After brushing the teeth, reach for the back of the tongue with the same brush of a tongue scrapper and then work this forward towards the mouth opening,

2. Brush the surface of the tongue using gentle strokes. Don't apply too much pressure so as not to tear into the skin which can open up the area to infection.

3. Rinse with water and spit just like you would brushing the teeth and you're done!

Brushing the tongue is one way to get rid of bad breath permanently and it's endorsed by dental experts so don't be afraid to brush away!

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