Whether cell phones safe or not?

EagleHeadline | July. 26, 2017

In today’s technologically dependent society, many of us keep our cell phone on our person at all times. We do so without thinking about the long term consequences of this decision or reading the fine print. Since your cell phone consistently puts out a high level of radiation, keeping it close to your body 24/7 carries a significant risk.

However, there is no medical consensus. Some experts believe that all of the worrying is needless and that your cell phone will never cause any health issues. Others believe that cell phones are much like tobacco and that we will discover how harmful they are after years of overexposure.

Since we have no way of seeing the future (yet!) and getting definitive proof one way or the other, our best bet is to be as safe as possible. There are a variety of measures you can take to safeguard yourself, without having to alter your regular routine.

Obviously, no one is going to get rid of their cell phone. They are a vital part of our daily living, firmly entrenched in our day to day lifestyle. Even if you believe that cell phone radiation poses no risk to your physical well being, there are still small steps that can be taken to minimize your radiation exposure.

Even the most rudimentary cell phone has a speaker phone function and many of them come with a hands free device that allows you to talk without holding the phone so close to your face. Even if you just use these options occasionally, you are able to limit your exposure to potentially toxic radiation, without having to give up your usual routine.

For every millimeter of space you can leave between your body and your phone, you are able to reduce your exposure to radiation by roughly 15 percent. People who live in rural areas are more at risk, because the phone uses increased radiation to find a signal.

If you take the time to read your phone’s instructional manual (most of us don’t), you will typically find a warning that urges you not to carry your phone in close proximity to your body. Yet, that doesn’t stop us from tucking it into our shirt or pants pocket, or even a brassiere.

Instead of keeping the phone so close to our heart or other important body parts, a holster, a backpack or a purse may work better in the long run. This is another change that requires very little effort on your part and can pay huge dividends.

Just because there is no smoking gun linking cell phone usage to radiation poisoning does not mean that safety should be ignored. With just a few minor tweaks to your mobile device usage, you can significantly reduce your potential risk factor and still enjoy all the convenience your cell phone has to offer.

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