Using egg whites for skin blemishes

life tips | July. 14, 2017

Egg whites work amazing wonders on the skin and this easy facial to get rid of acne/pimples is one to try out...

Egg whites work amazing wonders on the skin to keep it clear, firm and nourished.

This organic way of caring for the skin (with egg whites) works to keep the skin nourished while helping to get rid stubborn acne/blackheads and large pores that are common skin issues.

Using egg for 'Facial' is fast, effective and not expensive in any way and it's done in super easy steps:

1. Break egg into a clean bowl - you need only the egg white

2. Whisk the egg white until it gets frothy

3. Apply the mix on cleansed face while placing on tissue (in single ply) on the face.

4. Apply more of the mix over the face (with the tissue placed on the face)

5. Leave this on for 15-20mins

6. Peel this off gently

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