Mickey Mouse surprises deaf boy with sign language (video)

EagleHeadline | Jun. 21, 2017

Bethany Rodgers took her toddler son to the Hollywood and Vine restaurant at Disney World in Florida. It was there that something amazing happened.

The little boy sat in his chair, eating along with his family, when, to their surprise, Mickey Mouse came over!

“Mickey Mouse came by the table and spoke to my son. He realized my son was deaf right before leaving the table to move onto the next one,” she recalled.

Another individual, realizing they couldn’t communicate with the deaf boy, might have simply moved on.

But not Mickey Mouse.

“He ended up coming back to the table, where he started signing to my son.”

Absolutely amazing!

Mickey ended up spending a long time with the little boy, asking him things like “Are you eating?” through sign language.

In the video below, you will see the heartwarming interaction between Mickey Mouse and Bethany’s son.

It seemed like the boy was as excited to learn that Mickey could sign as Mom was!

Mickey and the boy embraced multiple times, with the Disney icon clasping his hands over his heart.

He signed, “Mickey Mouse loves you” before moving onto another table.

It just goes to show you that good people are everywhere — even underneath a costume!

Check out this beautiful moment in the video below.

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