This nail bar may have the most unfortunate sign

fantastic stories | July. 30, 2017

This nail bar seems to have had a rather strange - and hilarious - name change recently.

Eagle-eyed shoppers spotted the awkward mishap at TN Nails in Cheltenham after some of the letters fell off its sign earlier this month.

The embarrassing change meant the salon went from being called 'TN Nails' to the unfortunate ‘Anals.’

And the people of Cheltenham have certainly been finding it amusing.

One person tweeted: “Spotted in #Cheltenham. It's not just me, right?”

And another wrote on Facebook: "How unfortunate... bloomin' funny, but unfortunate."

Local forum Cheltenham Problems also shared the hilarious picture, writing: "When you pop in for a manicure but get WAY more than you bargained for.'"

TN Nails, which offers manicures and pedicures, said they would be looking at the sign, when the were contacted by Gloucestershire Live .

The store isn't the only business catching people's attention with its odd name though.

The 'world's most awkward business names' were revealed online in these pictures which have been shared far and wide.

The Poo Restaurant in Thailand is the number one rated venue on Trip Advisor in Sukhothai.

"Don't let the name put you off! Poo means crab," one visitor helpfully explains.

If you're interested in visiting Foo Kin John Chinese Restaurant in Cooperstown, New York, be warned that it's now closed down.

Before it went out of business, one wag wrote on Facebook : "Best Foo Kin Chinese food in NY."

The Dick Whittington Tavern in St Kilda, Melbourne has raised some eyebrows with its unfortunately spaced signage.

Have you seen a rude place name? Tell us about it using the form below

It's actually down to the common nickname 'The Dick' being positioned next to the venue's speciality of 'liquor'.

"Try this great venue, you won't be disappointed," says one happy customer on Trip Advisor .

The Kuntry Inn Motel, a bed and breakfast inn located in the Pleasanton area of Texas, has reached notoriety thanks to what could be considered a rude name.

One of the highlights, according to a Yelp reviewer , is "the beautiful view of I-37 [interstate]".

David Sukoff Orthodontics in Merrick, New York is the practice of a man who has stuck by his given name, no matter what anyone says.

His testimonials show a really important part of the community, with client 'Vanessa M' saying: "My family loves this place! The staff is great and Dr. Sukoff is amazing. He really cares about his patients."

The Fu King Smoke Shop in Hackensack, New Jersey may trigger a smile, but it's called a 'unique vape shop' on Yelp .

One user comments: "Holy hell, you can find anything from A thru' Z!"

Little is known about the so-named Kunt Market of Northern Cyprus, but it's as uncomfortable to look at the name as it is to see the Kum and Go sign.

A convenience store chain operating in Midwestern America, the company, based in West Des Moines, Iowa, operates over 400 stores in 11 states.

Finally, the A and K Lick A Chick is a staple in Little Bras d'Or, in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia.

"Bring the family for a picnic-style lunch or dinner," their jolly website states .

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