What do half-moons on your nails mean?

EagleHeadline | Jun. 21, 2017

Have you noticed the white half-moons at the base of your nails? They are called lunula and can sometimes change in color and size. Although you may not pay much attention to these changes, they can actually indicate a certain health problem.

The whiter half-moons you have, the more energetic you are. On the other hand, poor and vague half-moons on your fingernails and toenails mean lower levels of energy.

1. Too Large Lunulae

A large lunula is one that takes a third of your fingernail. Overly large half-moons on your nails could be a sign of disrupted heartbeat, blood pressure and problems with the thyroid. People with regular physical activity such as athletes usually have large half-moons.

2. Small Lunulae

Having too small half-moons could mean a problem with your metabolism, immune system, blood pressure, circulatory system, as well as vitamin B12 and iron deficiency.

3. Changes in Only One Lunula

The half-moon on your thumb should take up to 25% of the entire nail. Being the largest nail, it’s normal to have the largest and most visible lunula of all. But, too large lunula could indicate arterial hypertension, whereas in smokers it could be significantly smaller.

Next, the half-moon on your index finger could reduce in size and even disappear if you have problems with the pancreas, intestine, ears, nose, or throat.

If the half-moon on your middle finger disappears, it could mean you have high blood pressure.

If that on your ring finger becomes barely or no visible, it might be a sign of problems with digestion. Also, this finger is linked to the lymphatic and reproductive system.

Finally, your little finger should have no or slightly noticeable lunula. This finger is associated with the small intestine, kidneys, and the heart.

4. No Lunulae

You shouldn’t worry if your fingernails don’t have lunulae at all. Some people simply never get these half-moon markers, and that’s perfectly normal. Children often have invisible lunulae which will gradually appear over the years.

But, if you notice your lunulae disappear suddenly, you might have disrupted function of the circulatory system, thyroid, vitamin B12 and iron deficiency.

5. Change in the Color

Healthy nails are those with white half-moons that are few shades lighter than the skin. On the other hand, gray half-moons could be a sign of severe fatigue, digestion disorder, lung problem, or lack of physical activity.

Although rare, black half-moons could indicate a heavy metal poisoning. In such case, it’s recommended to consult a doctor.

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