If you see this white membrane in the egg that you are going to eat you have to know this!

EagleHeadline | Jun. 17, 2017

One of the foods richest in protein and that every person should eat for its inexhaustible benefits and its delicious taste is the egg. Said by the same specialists, the egg is the most complete food that exists and that all breakfast should have.

Since you guarantee a great amount of energy in the body and that the day flows much better. Although it seems incredible, the egg is not one of those foods that contains fat and makes you fat, in fact it is the opposite because it helps your metabolism to maintain the ideal weight.

It was also believed that the yolks were detrimental to our cardiovascular health, but this has been proven to be a mistake because of the number of studies that certify it. It is even a food that you can eat several times a week without any problem.

If you have come to prepare eggs yourself you will have noticed that there are two unions on the sides of the yolk which are whitish in color and are usually sticky. It turns out that this part of the egg is called chalazas and are extremely good for our health, in this article we will tell you why.

If your egg does not have the “chalaza” membrane, do not consume it

According to the anatomy of the egg, the yolk contains 4 protein layers but only focus on the first, which has two chalazas that are responsible for keeping the yolk in the center of the egg.

These chalazas allow the yolk to rotate and hold in different positions without breaking them, that is, keep the yolk intact. Same with us.

Chalazas also tend to age, which causes it to be an important factor when it comes to discovering the time the egg has and avoiding the use of a bad egg, so it is advisable to place the egg apart to notice the quality of The chalazas. In the video that we will leave you then you can know more about this:

If the chalaza is absent in the egg you are going to use, it is likely that this food will be time consuming and not recommended for consumption. Take care of the egg elements and you will notice awesome things.

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