How a university of Ibadan best graduating student inherited royal curse?

EagleHeadline | Jun. 18, 2017

A Nigerian Twitter user, Dolapo, has taken to the social media platform to share a story of how one of University of Ibadan's best graduating students inherited a royal curse. According to Dolapo, the graduate struggled to get a job even as a cleaner after graduating, and had to fall back to a Prophet, who told him where his problem was coming from.

Dolapo disclosed that the curse was from the guy's ex-girlfriend, who slept with a promiscuous Yoruba King. Here's his story:

"I'm gonna share this story real quick. Y'al should be veeeeeery careful!

So there is this one very brilliant dude. Graduated at UI top 5% of his class and struggled to get even a job as a cleaner.

After 5 years he went to see a prophet who told him he is carrying a 'royal' curse. Dude is not even royalty so he was confused. They later found out his ex-girlfriend slept with a yahoo boy . But the curse wasn't from him. It was from a runs girl the yahoo boy slept with.

So apparently the runs girl slept with a very promiscuous Yoruba king. And each time this girls sleep with the king, they leave with sumtin.

Sleeping with young girls gives the king some sort of power. And anybody that sleeps with them carries that same curse. Keeps spreading.

So many people are struggling in life and don't know where it's coming from. Make God just dey protect us oooo."

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