OMG! Cows can walk upstairs but not downstairs.

funny_facts | July. 10, 2017

1.Identical twins do not have identical fingerprints.

2.Cows can walk upstairs but not downstairs.

3.Albert Einstein shunned any recreational activity that required mental agility.

4.Boys who have unusual first names are more likely to have mental problems than boys with conventional names. Girls don't seem to have this problem.

5.The first programme shown on BBC2 was Play School

6.Men are 6 times more likely to be struck by lightning than women!

7.A Giraffe can clean its ears with its 21-inch tongue!

8.Babies that are breastfed are more likely to be slimmer as adults than those that are not breastfed.

9.All of the Earth's continents are wider at the north than in the south - and nobody knows why.

10.Male hospital patients fall out of bed twice as often as female hospital patients.

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