A cow can't vomit...

funny_facts | July. 11, 2017

1.Bob Hope and Billy Joel were both once boxers.

2.Ostriches can be called a true dinosaur since ostrich skeletons and fossils have been found that date back to 120 million years.

3.Penguins can convert salt water into fresh water.

4.America once issued a 5-cent bill!

5.The filming of the movie 'Titanic' cost more than the Titanic itself!

6.There is more real lemon juice in Lemon Pledge furniture polish than in Country Time Lemonade.

7.A cow can't vomit.

8.Japan is the largest exporter of frog's legs.

9.Contrary to popular belief, lightning travels from the ground upwards not from the sky downwards.

10.The first laser was constructed in 1960 by Theodore H. Maiman of the United States using a rod of ruby.

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