Have you ever met men in Lagos? Let me tell you 6 types!

EagleHeadline | Jun. 22, 2017

There are different guys you meet everyday. Especially in lagos where all you see makes you wonder if you are in another planet. Some men leave you clueless while some just make you blush. Regardless, we have been able to come up with a list of the men you get to meet everyday in Lagos.

1. The Jobless men- these men are in two categories; A. He has no job, but you meet him most times putting on shirt and trousers, he is sometimes at the bus-stop every morning acting like office guy, he disturbs almost all the girls he sees for contacts. B. This guy is employed, but he is busy at work littering about, gossiping and acting jobless.

2. The Owambe men- I respect these guys. They don't ever carry last. Their agbada to any even is always a hit back to back. There is always one event or the other to attend. They make girls fall when they go about in their attire. These men are ready to spend anything on how they look to the event.

3. The corporate beggar men- lol. you see these ones, they do anything to beg for money or assistance. They are then ones that go for rich kids, sugar mummies et.c. They come up with one boring excuse like; I have business to do, i don't use ATM, my goods got seized, blah blah. All these men always wait for a lady to support them financially, they even wait on you to pay common t fare. Most times, they appear rich and sophisticated, but they are strong beggars.

4. Liar- You don't even want t be grouped here, but if you are, biko come out as soon as possible. These group of guys are major or professional liars. They tell you their dad owns CBN. They are related to one president or governor, they have certain billions in the account, They even take you to wrong house on first date. They brag about number of girls they spend on, they tell you ow it;s just you they love. They even show you a wrong office and claim to be a manager there. lol

5. The spiritual extremist- All these ones over do religious beliefs. They speak in tongue before they eat, they speak in tongue before making out, they call Jesus/Allah when they want to ask a girl out, they make it look like they are all righteous. Even in the bus, some of them start preaching or coming up with fake prophecies. They are mostly the ones you see acting as fake prophets.

6. The cool and calm- These men are actually rare to come across. they are mostly reserved. they could be rich or average, but they just keep a low profile. They don't try to impress anyone. They are just themselves without stress. They are either employed, business owners, professionals and so on. these men don't care if they are noticed, they are just real.

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