10 must-follow steps incase of flooding in your area as developed by Res Cross

Tuko News | March. 18, 2018

- With more flash floods expected in different regions of the country, keeping safe is something everyone should prioritise

- To avoid confusion and panic, Red Cross has issued some safety tips to consider incase of flooding in areas around you

- The most important and basic thing to do is, evacuate the area immediately to an elevated place

When the weather man issued warning of impending flash floods on Tuesday, February 27, nobody expected it to be as devastating as it has turned out to be.

Kenya Meteorological Service (KMS) warned of an unusual increase in rainfall in various parts of the country which has since come to pass.

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This led to a number of people loosing their lives in the torrent floods, others left homeless and properties of unknown value destroyed.

A file photo of Uhuru park and it environs flooded during the Thursday, March 15 that left many parts of the city flooded. Photo: The African Voice/ Twitter

Safety tips during floods.

1: Evacuate immediately to elevated areas in case of flooding.

2: Avoid walking or driving through floods.

3: Parking or activites alonh streams and rivers during heavy rainfall.

4:Avoid downed power lines and uddy waters where power lines may have fallen.

5: Listen to designated radio or TV stations to stay updated on the rains and flooded areas.

6: Do not drive over a bridge that is flooded.

7: Switch off electrcity at the main switch if house is flooded.

8: In a flooded area use a stick to test depth.

9: Just one- foot of moving water can sweep your vehicle away.

10: Just six inches of moving water can sweep you away.

10 must-follow steps incase of flooding in your area as developed by Res Cross

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