I Can Approach A Man If I Really Like Him – Actress Maryjane Benson

Budding Nollywood actress and video vixen, Asakomhe Mary, aka Maryjane Benson has opened up in a chat about her opinion on relationship issues, especially when it comes to approaching a man, which is considered a taboo in this part of the world.

The actress mentioned that she ventured into the entertainment industry in 2011 and started her career as a video vixen in 2015.

She opened up to Potpourri that ever since she has been in the industry, she has encountered the good, the bad and the ugly and she has learnt so many things, including shelving inhibitions most girls grapple with. “Yes, I can go out of my way to approach a guy I really like,” she responded in a chat with Potpourri when asked if she could make the first move to date a guy. “I don’t see anything wrong in that, if the guy doesn’t make the move, I can make it. Sometimes men and women miss each other because of fear of who’s to make the first move. It may be that the guy likes me but shy to make the move. But if I make the move and the guy doesn’t respond in kind or refuses, I will leave him alone. I can’t force a guy to go out with me. I’m very emotional and I have cried for love before,” she added.

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