How do you build a strong, lasting relationship? Kenyans open up

Tuko News | March. 18, 2018

Love is always considered as a beautiful thing till doubt and constant blame game decide to kick in.

Often, people find it hard to trust their mates especially with the recent rise of extra-marital affairs.

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The first sign of a staggering relationship is often the incessant urge to take a peek through your lover's phone as they shower or whenever they step out of the room.

Some women have even been known to be masters at stalking their bae's social media pages as they hunt for the elusive 'other woman.'

Shocking, but true, some have resorted to using apps that mirror their husband's Whatsapp messages and send them to the lady's phone.

So whenever bae receives a message, it appears on your phone. But, if things get to that point, just walk away!

1. Develop a habit of trusting your partner

2. Your partner's phone is not your phone

3. Stop spying on your lover

4. Not every woman who talks to your husband is a side chic

5. Respect your partner

6. Do not cheat on your partner

7. Develop a habit of communicating with your partner

8. Do not bottle up your emotions

9. Do not fight in front of the kids

10. Check in on your partner once or twice during the day

11. Set aside evenings for date nights

12. Avoid accusing your partner before having the full information about the situation

13. Support your partner through hard times

14. Embrace humility and patience

15. Commit yourselves to one another

16. Spoil your lady or man with gifts from time to time

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