President Moi Returns Home After Successful Knee Surgery

Kenya Reports | March. 18, 2018

Former President Daniel arap Moi jetted back from Israel on Saturday evening after knee treatment and medical checks at a Tel Aviv hospital.

The former president (Baba Moi) was accompanied by his last born son Hon Gideon Kipsiere (Baringo Senator) and his physician Dr David Silverstein, they landed at the JKIA in Nairobi around 8pm.

The former president was immediately driven to his Kabarnet Gardens residence- off Ngong road where he will rest before flying to his Kabarak home in Nakuru.

Baba Moi flew to Israel on Sunday and wherewas admitted following β€œan unconformable knee.” Moi Turns 94 later this year, at his age now he suffers old age related medical complications, ealier this year he was flown from his Kabarak home to Nairobi for a medical check up.

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