‘I don’t think Buhari should seek re-election’

Newsguide | March. 18, 2018

Fiery Lagos cleric and the General Overseer of Glorious End-Time Evangelical Ministries, Prophet Lai Bamidele, speaks on why President Muhammadu Buhari should not contest the next presidential election and what he describes as the betrayal of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu

Some of the President’s men are still saying he is capable of ruling the country for another four years. Are you persuaded?

Well, the assessment will be based on some of the things I said in my previous interview last December, even before the open letters of former Presidents Olusegun Obasanjo and Ibrahim Babangida to Buhari, and all the rest of them came up. I have said it early December that the best thing for Buhari is not to dare say he wants to re-contest. This is because the situation in the country now does not call for someone like Buhari as the next President. Much as Nigeria may have no good alternative to Buhari, the truth is that, the man is too old. Nigeria doesn’t need a 75 years old man to be the President over a population of 170 million people.

Besides, Buhari needs to go and take care of himself, because, from all indications, he has health issues, because his first two years in office were virtually spent in and out of the hospital. Again, the Buhari administration is too slow. Buhari got to the government, it took him seven months to appoint ministers; it has never happened in this country. You have only four years to spend, seven months is a waste and you say the government is running, which government is running? Now we wasted seven months and by the time he came up with ministers, he came up mostly with people who don’t know their right from the left. But I can only tell him the truth as a servant of God, because, the people that are eating under the government of Buhari don’t want him to go …as long as they are making their own money.

Are you saying the government does not have its good sides?

May I say this? This government has its successes and its failures but its failures are far more than its successes. Buhari’s failures started immediately after he won the election. From the onset, we knew the direction he was going. The first problem was that he betrayed all the people that helped him to get to power. Life is not like that. He betrayed Bola Tinubu, Abubakar Atiku and Bukola Saraki. These are the key people we all know that greatly assisted him to realise his ambition. I’m not a politician but we know what is happening in the country. He betrayed all of them;

he stabbed them in the back. But to crown it all, he made a fatal error to have sidelined Tinubu immediately after getting to power; that was the root of all the problems he has now found himself. A Yoruba adage says a stream that forgets its source will dry up. Tinubu too is to be commended to have deployed maturity. He kept on saying one word, that the party’s supremacy is number one. Buhari broke party supremacy. He said ‘I am for nobody but I am for everyone.’ Anybody can be anything, but that statement is working against him now. Saraki who was initially there for him has now turned against him, now that his government is having problems.

Do you think members of the opposition PDP, especially Ayo Fayose, the Ekiti State governor, are now justified in their various allegations against Buhari?

I am not a supporter of Fayose for anything, but let the truth be told: What Fayose was saying then about Buhari that all of us said he was insulting him are beginning to manifest as the truth. I was a very good supporter of Buhari, especially before and during the 2015 election. Much was expected from him.

What would you make of the recent reconciliation committee that President Buhari appointed Tinubu as head, to resolve the various disputes in the ruling APC?

It will be foolhardy of Tinubu to dance to the tune of Buhari now. He has to be tactful in his assignment of reconciling aggrieved APC members. This is because, having been betrayed by the Buhari government once, he should not allow himself to be fooled for the second time.

…Unlike Obasanjo who is shrewd because he is a nationalist and wants things done along that line, Tinubu would always look beyond that, thinking of good leadership and credible service to the citizenry. For Obasanjo, he brought in a sick president, knowing he could die any moment and brought Jonathan who was not prepared for leadership to be the Vice President.

But look at Tinubu; he brought up Fashola. Fashola did excellently although he has his lapses as there is no human being that is perfect. So, when again Tinubu brought out Ambode, a lot of people criticised him saying Ambode was a green horn. But look at the Lagos governor today. What Ambode has done under about three years surpass all the things done in the entire eight years of Fashola.

We were all thinking there would be no governor in Nigeria that will be raised in Lagos that can be like Fashola, but Ambode has proved us wrong. And indirectly too, Tinubu has proved us wrong through his ingenuity.

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