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Looking for the best deals for internet browsing in Nigeria? Here we have provided a ranking system for internet data plans in Nigeria. The ranking is provided by comparing prices of internet bundles with their respective data allowances. So if you are looking for the best deal for internet browsing , this is a good place to start your research. Best Data Plans

How to use this Internet Price Value Ranking

The best way to use this document is to define your data need or to set your budget. Once, you have set your budget or defined your internet data needs, you should then go through the ranking and find the internet browsing package that offers the best deal. The higher your choice is in the ranking, the better the deal you are getting.

You can also use our Best Data Plans tool to find the best data plans for your budget

However, there are constraints to account for like the quality of services, technology limitations, and your data needs. For example, there is no point going for a 3GB bundle, if the technology available in your area is just GPRS or the quality of service of the internet service provider is poor in your area. This ranking includes 30-day, anytime internet browsing bundles only.

Now here are the rankings:

Swift Value Data Plan (30GB, 24/7) – (N25,000) – (N0.83/MB)

Visafone 15GB internet bundle (24/7) – N13,000 (N0.87/MB)

Swift Max Internet browsing plan (150GB, 24/7) – N130,000 (N0.87/MB)

Glo 20GB browsing bundle (Platinum) (24/7)- N18,000 (N0.90/MB)

Etisalat 20GB browsing package (24/7)- N18,000 (N0.90/MB)

Swift Business Internet browsing plan (80GB, 24/7) – N75,000 (N0.93/MB)

Glo 10GB internet bundle (Silver) (24/7) – N10,000 (N1.00/MB)

Visafone 10GB Data Plan (24/7) – N10,000 (N1.00/MB)

Etisalat 10GB Data Plan (24/7) – N10,000 (N1.00/MB)

Glo 15GB internet bundle (Gold) (24/7)- N15,000 (N1.00/MB)

Etisalat 15GB internet Package (24/7)- N15,000 (N1.00/MB)

Swift Professional internet package (15GB, 24/7)- N15,000 (N1/MB)

Swift Premium bundle (50GB, 24/7) – 52,000 Naira (N1.04/MB)

Glo 6GB Data Plan (24/7)- N7,500 (N1.25/MB) best deal – high data

Etisalat 6GB Data Plan (24/7)- N8,000 (N1.33/MB)

Swift Basic internet bundle (7GB, 24/7)- N10,000 (N1.40/MB)

ipNX 15GB internet bundle (24/7)- N21,000 (N1.40/MB)

Visafone 5GB Data Plan (24/7) – N7,500 (N1.50/MB)

MultiLinks 6GB internet access bundle (24/7)- N9,900 (N1.50/MB)

Airtel 10GB internet access bundle (24/7)- N15,000 (N1.50/MB)

ipNX 10GB internet browsing bundle (24/7)- N15,750 (N1.58/MB)

MTN 5GB internet access bundle (24/7) – N8,000 (N1.6/MB)

Airtel 5GB internet bundle (24/7) – N8,000 (N1.6/MB)

Glo 3GB (Always Mini Data Plan) (24/7) – N5,000 (N1.66/MB) joint best deal – medium data

Airtel 3GB internet bundle (24/7) – N5,000 (N1.66/MB) joint best deal – medium data

Visafone 3GB Data Plan (24/7) – N6,000 (N2/MB)

Etisalat 3GB browsing bundle (24/7)- N6,500 (N2.17/MB)

Visafone 1.2GB Mobile Internet (24/7) – N3,000 (N2.5/MB)

Etisalat 1.5GB Data Plan (24/7)- N4,000 (N2.67/MB)

Glo Always Macro browsing bundle (1GB, 24/7) – N3,000 (N3/MB) joint best deal – low data

Airtel Smartphone Data Plan (1GB, 24/7) – N3,000 (N3/MB) joint best deal – low data

MTN 1GB Mobile internet (1GB, 24/7) – N3,500 (N3.5/MB)

Swift Liberty Plus Data Plan (500MB, 24/7) – N2,000 (N4/MB)

MTN 500MB Mobile internet (500MB, 24/7) – N2,000 (N4/MB)

Etisalat 500MB internet (500MB, 24/7) – N2,000 (N4/MB)

Airtel 500MB internet package (24/7) – N2,000 (N4/MB)

Glo Always Micro Data Plan (200MB, 24/7) – N1,000 (N5/MB) best deal – entry level

Etisalat 200MB internet browsing plan (200MB, 24/7) – N1,000 (N5/MB)

Airtel 200MB internet package (24/7) – N1,000 (N5/MB)

MTN 250MB Mobile internet (250MB, 24/7) – N1,300 (N5.2/MB)

Airtel Midi Data Plan 250MB (24/7) – N1,300 (N5.2/MB)

Etisalat 500MB internet bundle (24/7) – N3,000 (N6/MB)

MTN 200MB Data plan (24/7) – N1,000 (N5/MB)

Mobitel Highflyer Internet Package (24/7) – N6,000 (?)

If you are looking for hourly bundles, here are there price value ranking:

MultiLinks 250 hour internet bundle (24/7)- N9,000 (N39.60/hour)

MTN 300 hours browsing package (24/7) – N13,000 (N43.33/hour)

MTN 100 hours internet bundle (24/7) – N5,000 (N50/hour)

Glo 300 hours/9GB browsing plan (24/7) – N15,000 (N50/hour)

MultiLinks 100 hours internet bundle (24/7) – N5,600 (N56/hour)

Starcomms 250 hours internet bundle (24/7) – N15,000 (N60/hour)

Glo 100 hours/3GB internet bundle (24/7) – N6,000 (N60/hour)

Starcomms 100 hours internet browsing (24/7) – N6,500 (N65/hour)

MultiLinks 50 hours internet browsing (24/7) – N3,400 (N68/hour)

You may also fancy the so called unlimited internet browsing plans. However, note that unlimited is not always as unlimited as it sounds so clarify issues with the internet service provider before making any commitment.

Mobitel 1Mbps limited Internet browsing plan – N10,000

Zoom Mobile 24/7 internet browsing bundle – N12,000

Mobitel 2Mbps limited Internet browsing plan – N20,000

Starcomms iZAP 24/7 Data Plan (24/7) – N15,950

Visafone unlimited 24/7 Data Plan (24/7) – N16,000

Mobitel 3Mbps Internet browsing plan – N30,000

Swift Unlimited 2Mbps Internet Package – N30,000

Mobitel 1Mbps Unlimited Internet Package – N30,000

ipNX unlimited internet (10 systems, 1Mbps) – N60,000

Mobitel 2Mbps Unlimited Internet Package – N60,000

ipNX unlimited (20 systems, 1Mbps) – N90,000

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