I Still Want To Call You When Something Goes Wrong

Thought Free | March. 18, 2018


I have come close to perfecting the art Of not needing you

After all, I’ve had a few years.

It seems as though it has been lifetimes Since the days when I would call you late at night, My fingers trembling on the telephone, telling you, “ I need you, I can’t do all this alone.”

You and I Were an unstoppable force when pieced together, With my passion like the all-consuming Ocean Your diligence, the sureness of the Earth.

There was no mountain we could not tackle There was no storm that we couldn’t quell

You were my home, Inside the volatile oceans

and since you left I have been learning

To batten the hatches with courage, To ride out the ever-changing tides, My skin has calloused over all the wounds carved into them, My mind has risen up to fill your empty space

And yet it’s still you That I want to hold on to, When the boat has been rocking For too long

When an unexpected current bowls me over, when the deep chills work their way into my bones

A small part of me eternally aches To wrap my trembling fingers over a telephone, Punch your numbers into the screen and tell you,

“Please come, pick me up when you are able It’s so cold here and I want to come home.”

There are still days when I wonder how other people go their whole lives without falling apart under the strain of it all

And the only thing I can conclude, Is that those other people have never known what it feels like To have once been loved by someone like you.

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