Overzealous supporters attacked Bishop Obinna –Anozie

Newsguide | March. 18, 2018

Mr. Chima Anozie is a chieftain of the All Progressives Congress in Imo State and one of the gubernatorial aspirants in the next elections. He speaks with EDWIN USOBOH on some issues in the party in the state and the Presidential Reconciliation Committee led by Asiwaju Bola Tinubu

How would you assess Tinubu’s reconciliation move. Is it making desired progress?

In states where there is need for reconciliation, the return of peace and unity to the party for successful elections, make for the desired progress the party needs there, and in the country in general. To that effect, kudos to the reconciliation committee! But in Imo APC, to me, it has not got to that extent. What is happening in Imo is mere politics and interests. I don’t fight against the interest of people or persons. I’m not against anybody’s interests and political antics or gimmicks.

The recent tenure elongation of all executives of APC at all levels, what impact does it purport for the wellbeing of the party?

The tenure elongation in APC is a blessing in disguise. It is a thing that will make for unity in the party, especially given the proximity of the general elections in the country. Without it, APC would have been in disarray because everybody is skimming for his candidate and is ready to spend millions of naira to make sure their candidate scale through. It would have ruined APC. So, returning to status quo is the best thing for the party for now.

What do you have to say about the sporadic internal rivalries in Imo APC?

I’m very worried over the news of random rivalries in Imo APC. I am against party members fighting against the party. The political party is like a family, and I see all APC members as members of the same family, because if the party should lose, it will affect everybody as the PDP is suffering now. We should come together. In-fighting will affect and destroy the party.

What are your views on the assault of Archbishop Obinna in the presence of Uche Nwosu?

Politics is not a do-or-die affair! I refuse all this while to comment on the incident concerning Archbishop AJV Obinna until I heard from him, because I don’t believe in hearsay. Having heard the comments or interview on Archbishop Obinna, whom I have deep regard for, I’m disposed now to speak. If human beings are idols, I have him as idol to worship. He is as a father to all, and we must give him that respect and regard. Respect is reciprocal.

From my discoveries, I don’t see Uche Nwosu insulting the Archbishop but the overzealousness of the supporters did cause problems for aspirants and that overzealousness and utterances must be checkmated. Some of these supporters do it to please their oga, but do not know the effects it has on the political aspirants. There is an adage that says, “Odibo a maa njo ahia!” (A servant does not know ‘bad market’). Political parties in Nigeria and mostly in Imo State are very volatile and this volatility enkindles flames from such incidents whether real, attempted, or false.

Thus, I plead with the members of the Imo APC, not to wash our dirty linens in the public because we do not have any other party to go. If we go anywhere, we will be like strangers, and we cannot afford to feature as opposition in the year 2019. It will be cataclysmic for our wellbeing.

We should learn from the mistakes of the past because what happened to Ikedi Ohakim may happen if not checkmated at this early stage. We should avoid praise-singers and sycophants in the party. We should not be used by other political parties to destroy the party.

What do you have to say about the nagging endorsements in Imo APC today? Do you feel it’s the best thing to be done at this stage of politics and electioneering process?

Legally, there is nothing like endorsement in INEC rules, Electoral Act and the Nigerian Constitution. There must be party primaries for elective offices. I’m not interested in endorsement. Mine is a divine mandate. Endorsement is human antic, inauthentic in electoral politics and democracy, and illegal in fair-play politics. What is authentic is God’s endorsement. They can go ahead and endorse whoever they like, but there must be primaries, and whoever God destined to win must win. Endorsement does not eliminate, supplement or compliment party primaries or election proper.

You are one of the APC gubernatorial aspirants what have you been doing all this while in preparation to take over the Douglas House?

You know, I’m a grassroots person and don’t like this issue of endorsement. I’m a team-maker and good team-player. I don’t want to endanger any person in authority since by the special grace of God; it’s going to be a secret ballot thing…

Do you see Owerri zone, with its numerous aspirants in various parties, making it at their party primaries and election proper, as there is the tendency of rancour and divisions reigning during and after the primaries?

I’m seeing Owerri Zone with other LGAs that are in line with the equity charter for Owerri candidates to emerge victorious in the primaries. I’m too optimistic that come 2019, there shall be Imo governor from Owerri Zone, and not Owerri Zone governor, because I believe in Imo governor and not in Owerri Zone governor. And Owerri Zone this time around, must be favoured in the equity charter for power rotation in the state.

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