NIM calls for abrogation of Lagos Land Use Charges

Newsguide | March. 18, 2018

The Nigerian Intervention Movement, Lagos State Chapter, has lauded the recent general protest against the newly introduced Lagos Land Use Charge, especially the over 166,000 signatures it allegedly mobilized against it, stating that it is the triumph of “peoples power”

Speaking with newsmen in Lagos, NIM, which also commended the institution of a suit against the Act, stated that though the Lagos State Government has reduced the charges by 50 per cent, the wish of the people is total abrogation of the law.

According to the Coordinator of the Movement in Lagos, Mr. Bolaji Ogunsewe and Ronie Dikko, the state government was not only insensitive by enacting such law at this very critical period of the nation’s economy, but it has actually overreached itself with the action.

“By rushing to town after protests from all sectors of the society to announce 50 per cent reduction, the government merely portrayed itself as a listening government, but failed to address the main issue which is the justification for the law. Hence we are calling for its abrogation and are happy that some bodies in the state are taking legal action against the law,” Dikko said.

In his contribution, Mr. Ogunsewe said the enactment of the law “violates taxation principle, which is predicated on economic success of the people. Taxation is in relation to the overall performance of the economy? Government cannot take any action on taxation without calibrating economic success of the people. In this case can it be said that the economy is buoyant or collapsing? If it is collapsing. So what is the justification for this taxation at this period?

“ The government should drop the entire law and return it to the Lagos Stat House of Assembly, commence public hearing on it and gauge the views of stakeholders to look at the desirability or otherwise. The law is unacceptable and it is capable of causing great disaffection and further pauperize the poor in the state,” he said.

Early last week, the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), Chairman, Ikeja Branch, Mr. Adesina Ogunlana, led other human rights activists, including the Committee for the Defence of Human Rights (CDHR) and Joint Action Committee, to protest the newly introduced Land Use Charge.

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