Do you want to know 5 job secrets that HR hides?

EagleHeadline | Jun. 19, 2017

What are those 5 job secrets they will never tell you? Have you ever wondered while some people are getting and changing jobs with ease, while the others are still at home tapping from other people’s blessings? I bet you don’t know.

Or you are probably wondering how some people change jobs like they own the firms, while others are scared to leave their jobs like a little puppy hiding from the rain. There are some secrets you don’t know and Human Resource Managers is not willing to give it out. Right now I am about to expose all of the secrets and you should be glad you read this article.

Application gets you an Interview, Recommendation gives you the Job

This is what people call “Connection”. Instead of applying endlessly to all job roles on the internet, spend time networking. Applying for a job you are qualified for, might land you an interview but it doesn’t guarantee you the job. All you need is just a recommendation from anyone who is an insider in that firm and BOOOM you have that job! I have worked in three different organizations and two of them came without stress (Recommendation).

There is always that special candidate among the invitees for an Interview

Because of the fact that the above point exists, therefore this point should also be in existence. I remember applying for a job that I was recommended for. Most of them saw me as the underdog as they continued to discuss among themselves. They never knew that I already had a pre-discussion with the man that was to interview us, and the reason for me being with them was just to show face.

You see a large number of people who are waiting for that interview; there is someone who knows that he has the job already. You might ask yourself “So why the need to conduct the interview?”

It is because they want to know if there is someone who is actually far better than the “Special” candidate. Once all of you perform within the same range in the interview, the candidate is chosen with ease.

The person with an extra skill gets the Job

When next you are invited for an interview, always ask yourself “What can I offer aside from my job role?” Don’t bother thinking about “Team Player, Numerical skills, Analytical skills.” All those are jack and bull skills.

Companies are looking to cut down on labor cost, and they are willing to hire someone who possesses various skills in his armory. If can’t answer the above question, no need hoping and waiting when they tell you “We will get back to you.” I hope you have known this job secret

Candidates with ICT certifications are considered first

It might sound like the normal witty washy story you have always heard but I bet you’ve never thought about it. Certifications like PMP, ITIL, CCNA, CCNP, SAGE, Advanced Excel, MOS, and IC3 makes you look like a professional.

If you are banking that your BSc is your best shot, then I guess that you might keep waiting to feed on the crumbs that the big players will leave for you.

Bill Gates said, “Technology won’t replace Jobs; People with ICT skills will replace those without ICT skills.” When next they are firing the cashiers and customer service guys in a bank, ask why they haven’t fired the ICT gurus working as backroom staff of that same bank.

Some Job sectors don’t value your B.Sc. Result

Ever wondered why ICT experts change jobs with ease? It is because they are problem solvers in any organization. Without them, an organization can’t survive. Can you imagine a Bank without an ATM? or you can imagine a bank that can’t solve cash dispensing error?

The truth is that most ICT experts prefer working for themselves than working for any organization, which makes the demand for ICT experts greater than the supply of experts they get. All they need is your certification that shows you have passed through the learning stage process and your ability to do what you have learned.

Now that you have known all these, what will you do with the information? Stop imagining and take Actions!

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