Daily Recipe : Potato Chip Cole Slaw Sandwich

recipe | July. 07, 2017

Today, I would like to introduce a wonderful recipe called Potato Chip Cole Slaw Sandwich. Craving a satisfying sandwich? Don't even trip — this cheesy potato chip sandwich has roast beef, crispy cabbage slaw and a boiled egg.



30g potato chips

2 slices bread

1 boiled egg

1/2 tomato, sliced into 5mm thickness

2 lettuce leaves

30g shredded cheese

4 slices cooked roast beef

(cole slaw)

80g shredded cabbage

20g canned corn

10g tuna

1 tbsp mayonnaise

1 tsp sushi vinegar

1/2 tsp whole-grain mustard


Let's get Cooking...

1. Crush the potato chips into 1cm pieces.

2. Massage the cabbage lightly with salt and set aside for a few minutes. Squeeze and drain excess water out of the salted cabbage. Combine with the rest of the ingredients for the cole slaw. Add in potato chips and mix to combine.

3. Top the bread slices with shredded cheese and place under broiler until melted.

4. Place lettuce leaf, tomato slices, roast beef, boiled egg and cole slaw on top of the bread. Place second slice of bread on top.

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