How to keep any lipstick on for longer

life tips | July. 20, 2017

How you wear the lipstick can/mostly determine how long it stays on for and even better when it doesn't run on anything the lips touch, so you don't make a mess or anything your lips touch or 'fear' the lipstick is smudged or awkward.

Wearing long lasting lipstick starts with choosing a good brand to making sure the lips are well exfoliated and moisturized so that whatever goes on with them will apply smooth and then have a longer staying power, once those are sorted apply these five steps to get the best out of any lipstick on a daily basis.

1. Start out by defining the lips with desired lip liner then go in to fill in lips with the desired lipstick.

2. Using a facial tissue or blotting paper, gently smack on this to remove excess product, reapply a second time and repeat this process.

3. Gently swipe translucent power over the lips, making sure the entire lips are covered making sure to dust off excess product (the translucent powder).

4. Apply a light stroke of lipstick again

5. Smack lips together and watch it stay for hours on end.

Even when it goes off, the residue it leaves is always effortlessly vibrant.

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