Man robbed bank just to get away from wife but sentenced to home confinement

EagleHeadline | Jun. 20, 2017

KANSAS CITY, Kan. — A 71-year-old man who admitted to robbing a bank because he would “rather be in jail than at home” with his wife was sentenced to home confinement by a Kansas judge.

Lawrence John Ripple was sentenced Tuesday to six months of home confinement, according to the Kansas City Star.

Ripple could have been sentenced up to 37 months in prison but it was reduced after the public defender told the judge that Ripple suffered from depression after heart surgery and called the robbery a “cry for help.”

Ripple will also serve three years of probation and perform 50 hours of community service, as well as pay the bank he robbed $227.27.

In September, Ripple gave the bank teller a note that read, “I have a gun, give me money.” The teller gave him the money and instead of running away, he took the cash and sat in the lobby.

When approached by a security guard, Ripple quickly gave himself up and was taken into custody.

When asked about the incident, he told investigators that he wrote the robbery note in front of his wife and told her “he would rather be in jail than at home.”

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