10 knowledge you may want to know

funny_facts | July. 14, 2017

1.The nematode Caenorhabditis elegans ages the equivalent of five human years for every day they live, so they usually die after about fourteen days. When stressed, though, the worm goes into a comatose state that can last for two or more months. The human equivalent would be to sleep for about two hundred years.

2.The odds of seeing three albino deer at once are one in seventy-nine billion, yet one man in Boulder Junction, Wisconsin, took a picture of three albino deer in the woods.

3.The original IBM-PCs, that had hard drives, referred to the hard drives as Winchester drives. This is due to the fact that the original Winchester drive had a model number of 3030. This is, of course, a Winchester firearm.

4.The pet food company Ralston Purina recently introduced, from its subsidiary Purina Philippines, power chicken feed designed to help roosters build muscles for cockfighting, which is popular in many areas of the world.

5.The placement of a donkeys eyes in its heads enables it to see all four feet at all times!

6.The porpoise is second to man as the most intelligent animal on the planet.

7.The present population of 5 billion plus people of the world is predicted to become 15 billion by 2080.

8.The radioactive substance, Americanium - 241 is used in many smoke detectors.

9.The six official languages of the United Nations are: English, French, Arabic, Chinese, Russian and Spanish.

10.The skeleton of Jeremy Bentham is present at all important meetings of the University of London

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