Owing to marrying the most beautiful woman, he becomes the happiest man in Africa

EagleHeadline | Jun. 20, 2017

This man married the most beautiful woman, so everyone envied him.

Susan is 50 years old, they had six children. Why is Susan the beauty? Because Mauritanian tribes are famous for taking fatness as beauty criteria. Susan is accepted as the first beauty locally.

Because she has a pair of oversized breast and fat buttock, which is full compliance with the local aesthetic.

But Susan is not voluntarily willing to become so fat. Her mother often forced her to eat more when she was a child, even if she completely can't eat any more. Parents always tried their best to make Susan get fat. In fact, Susan lived up to the expectations of parents and grew fatter and fatter. But it left negative influence on her.

So she wants her children to grow healthily and never forced them to eat.

The obesity has also affected her health and made her difficult to walk.

In recent years, the local government has banned the act of forcing girls to eat madly and begun to promote the concept that the obesity is detrimental to health. But the concept of  "fat is beauty" is deeply rooted in people's mind, making the campaign have littile effect.

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