Anushka And Virat’s Honeymoon Selfie Is Trending In Pakistan Hilariously

Injoy News | Dec. 19, 2017

The marriage of Virat and Anushka has been buzz of the internet in past few weeks for different reasons. Be it the lehenga, sherwani, house or honeymoon destination. For all different reasons they were in the news or trending on the social media.

Social media treats everything in its own way and this time people across the border have something interesting for the couple. Virat Kohli is having a amazing fan base in neighbouring nation Pakistan which can be one of the reasons they are trending on Facebook in Pakistan. The creative people in Pakistan out there have something hilarious in their box as they photoshopped the honeymoon picture of Virat and Anushka. You might roll on the floor after going through these pictures.

Letu2019s check out the hilarious photoshopped pictures.

#2 Virat and Anushka visited the Lahore School

#3 Fatima Jinnah Medical University,

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Author - Amit Singh

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