These College Majors Are Unusual, But They're Totally Real

Brilliance | Dec. 19, 2017

When it comes to secondary education, there is truly something for everyone. We're talking about the real college majors and programs that are so unusual and niche, they almost seem made up. Think turf grass science and bakery studies. You can thank us for telling you about The Beatles, Popular Music & Society degree at Liverpool Hope University later.

While some super specific college majors may leave you scratching your head, other ones might actually pique your interest. Like cannabis cultivation at Oaksterdam University in Oakland, California. Before the legalization of medical marijuana in that state, this major wouldn't have existed, and may have never crossed your mind as a viable field of study. On the other hand, the bowling industry management & technology major at Vincennes University may seem less tempting. (Unless you're a bowling nut, of course.) Other unusual majors include puppetry at the University of Connecticut, fermentation sciences at Appalachian State University, floral management at Mississippi State University, and auctioneering at Harrisburg Area Community College. Get more examples in the video below.

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