People Looked Inside Ordinary Things and Made Interesting Discoveries

Injoy News | Dec. 19, 2017

Weu00a0normally use ordinary things without expecting any traps. But sometimes the most curious people explore different objects and find really surprising stuff inside.

Today Bright Side wants tou00a0share the most unexpected finds.

21. u201cMyu00a0dog destroyed her toy, and there was another sad toy inside.u201d

u00a9 jpellizzi/reddit u00a0

20. u201cSnap Bracelets are made ofu00a0recycled measuring tapes.u201d

u00a9 Minormorin/imgur u00a0

19. u201cBroke au00a0ball playing bocce. There are pool balls insideu00a0it.u201d

u00a9 cbnimble/reddit u00a0

18. There isu00a0love and support inside this bra.

u00a9 Chegevarik/reddit u00a0

17. u201cMyu00a0grape had another smaller grape insideu00a0it.u201d

u00a9 GymPowers/reddit u00a0

16. This shoe spray isu00a0just au00a0womenu2019s deodorant.

u00a9 cl3ft/reddit u00a0

15. The inside ofu00a0au00a0golf ball. Interesting.

u00a9 Spud_fAce/reddit u00a0

14. u201cDropped au00a0frog lawn decoration only tou00a0discover 2u00a0snowmen inside.u201d

u00a9 Brutl/reddit u00a0

13. Au00a0can ofu00a0beer inside au00a0can ofu00a0beer

u00a9 jamestwatt/reddit u00a0

12. u201cThis Kit Katu2019s insides are the wrong way.u201d

u00a9 flightos/reddit u00a0

11. u201cThis laptop had au00a0ruler hidden insideu00a0it.u201d

u00a9 Nickster_345/reddit u00a0

10. u201cWeu00a0cut down au00a0dead tree and found another tree inside.u201d

u00a9 Toastiimuffin/reddit u00a0

9. u201cInside au00a09-volt battery: 6u00a0AAAA batteries.u201d

u00a9 croastbeast/reddit u00a0

8. u201cThis isu00a0what the inside ofu00a0au00a0bowling ball looks like.u201d

u00a9 elmielmosong/reddit u00a0

7. u201cThis screwdriver handle has another handle insideu00a0it.u201d

u00a9 shafthurtsalot/reddit u00a0

6. u201cThere was au00a0heart inside this stuffed cookie monster, and myu00a0dog destroyedu00a0it.u201d

u00a9 pizzapost/reddit u00a0

5. u201cThis table isu00a0made with cardboard inside.u201d

u00a9 _littlekidlover_/reddit u00a0

4. u201cCracked cue ball reveals another ball hidden inside.u201d

u00a9 FLORIDUH/imgur u00a0

3. u201cMickey Mouse fabric inside au00a0clothesline.u201d

u00a9 DamnItDarin/reddit u00a0

2. Merchandisers are smart.

u00a9 magnum1923/pikabu u00a0

1. This case isu00a0made from toothpaste boxes. What could beu00a0easier?

u00a9 Theultravisitor/reddit u00a0

Have you ever found anything strange inside anu00a0ordinary item? Tellu00a0us inu00a0the comments.

Preview photo credit cbnimble/reddit, Chegevarik/reddit

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