11 Beautiful Human Appearance Features That Are Actually Genetic Anomalies

Injoy News | Dec. 19, 2017

Genetic mutations are sou00a0complex that they sometimes produce amazing results. Genes and the way they malfunction make some people look even more unique. Weu00a0atu00a0 Bright Side found 11u00a0genetic anomalies inu00a0humans that make them look eye-catching and attractive.

11. Vitiligo

Vitiligo causes the skin, hair, and even nails tou00a0lose color. There isu00a0nou00a0treatment, but itu00a0can beu00a0slowed down. Winnie Harlow, pictured above, isu00a0au00a0model who has vitiligo. She isu00a0known for the white patches onu00a0her skin, and she isu00a0proud ofu00a0them. Weu00a0agreeu00a0u2014 they are beautiful . One ofu00a0the most well-known cases ofu00a0vitiligo was Michael Jackson, who lost 100% ofu00a0his skin pigmentation.

10. Mixed twins

Nou00a0matter how strange itu00a0might sound, these 2u00a0girls are identical twins. The genetic work behind this mutation isu00a0very complex. Yet itu00a0may result inu00a0u201csame-eggu201d kids looking completely different. Imagine the parentsu2019 surprise when they saw their babies for the first time!

9. Piebaldism

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Au00a0lock ofu00a0white hair inu00a0newborns and adultsu00a0u2014 ifu00a0youu2019ve seen one, they are most likely tou00a0have piebaldism. This isu00a0au00a0rare genetic condition where au00a0person isu00a0missing cells called melanocytes. Itu00a0causes au00a0white patch ofu00a0skin tou00a0appear (mostly onu00a0the forehead) along with white hair. Weu00a0think itu00a0looks unusual and magical, asu00a0ifu00a0au00a0person arrived from au00a0fantasy story.

8. Albinism

This isu00a0probably the most well-known syndrome inu00a0the world. Albinism affects people ofu00a0all ethnic groups. Albinos not only look different but also have au00a0set ofu00a0different health conditions such asu00a0deafness, vision impairment, and the like. Inu00a0some parts ofu00a0the world, such asu00a0Africa, albinos face life-threatening conditions onu00a0au00a0daily basis. Some African peoples believe that, ifu00a0captured, their body parts can beu00a0used inu00a0witchcraft tou00a0bring luck and prosperity. Sometimes albinosu2019 unique looks play au00a0bad game onu00a0them.

7. Waardenburg syndrome

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Waardenburg syndrome isu00a0au00a0mutation inu00a0human genes that results inu00a0au00a0person having blue eyes but also deafness and other unpleasant conditions. Not all genetic disorders that lead tou00a0attractive characteristics inu00a0the appearance are pleasant. Asu00a0you can see, Waardenburg syndrome isu00a0one ofu00a0them.

6. Distichiasis oru00a0double eyelashes

Elizabeth Taylor, one ofu00a0the most renowned actresses inu00a0the world, had double eyelashes. This condition that made her eyes look even more attractive isu00a0au00a0genetic mutation called distichiasis. Very few people have this condition, and itu00a0doesnu2019t always look that pretty asu00a0lashes can grow unevenly, making the bearer get rid ofu00a0them surgically.

5. Heterochromia iridum oru00a0multiple colors inu00a0eyes

Ifu00a0you have friends oru00a0family with different eye colors oru00a0multiple colors, then they have heterochromia iridum. This mutation causes the eyes tou00a0beu00a0different colors oru00a0the pigmentation tou00a0beu00a0sparse across the iris. Imagine having one blue and one brown eyeu00a0u2014 there isu00a0something very cool aboutu00a0it.

4. Gigantism

This isu00a0probably the most unlikely mutation that can beu00a0considered beautiful. Gigantism, especially inu00a0its worst forms, isu00a0au00a0very serious condition that results inu00a0many illnesses and early death. But there isu00a0the positive example ofu00a0Elisany dau00a0Cruz Silva. This Brazilian girl, despite having had au00a0pituitary gland tumor, grew tou00a0beu00a06u2032 9u2033 tall and even took onu00a0au00a0modeling job. Luckily, the tumor was removed inu00a0time, and Elisany stopped growing.

3. Cleft chin

Some people believe that au00a0cleft chin shows au00a0personu2019s strong character, but, inu00a0reality, itu00a0isu00a0the result ofu00a0the failed fusion ofu00a0the chin bones during anu00a0embryou2019s development. Simply, au00a0gene that helps the bones tou00a0fuse together isu00a0missing inu00a0that embryo. Sou00a0next time you say someone has au00a0u201cbutt chin,u201d think about how unfortunate heu00a0oru00a0she isu00a0tou00a0not have that gene.

2. Red hair inu00a0people ofu00a0African descent

Albinism, and also the mutation inu00a0the MC1R gene inherited from parents oru00a0grandparents ofu00a0different ethnicity, may cause people ofu00a0African and Asian origin tou00a0have auburn hair, freckles, oru00a0blue eyes. The Australian aborigines have had au00a0similar mutation for hundreds ofu00a0years.

1. Ocular albinism

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Ocular albinism, au00a0rare genetic condition, affects only the eyes, causing pigment tou00a0disappear from the iris. When weu00a0see children from au00a0primarily dark-eyed family having blue oru00a0green eyes, they are most likely ocular albinos. Now, this might beu00a0au00a0mutation tou00a0dream about ifu00a0you are brown-eyed and wish tou00a0have au00a0child with blue oru00a0green eyes!

Dou00a0you know anyone with any ofu00a0those gene mutations? Then share withu00a0us inu00a0the comment section below.

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