Choose the Position You Like to Sit and We’ll Tell You About Your Character

Injoy News | Dec. 19, 2017

Bright Side collected for you 10 common sitting positions that will tell you something interesting about the nature of others.

Youu2019re a strong-willed and confident person who almost never doubts the correctness of your actions and decisions. You like to be in the know and in control. At the same time, youu2019re very reliable in communications with relatives and colleagues, and you always try to come to the rescue and support in rough times.

Youu2019re a sensitive and sympathetic person who tries to never remain indifferent to othersu2019 feelings. As a rule, youu2019re careful in your decisions and actions and tend to analysis: before you proceed with an important thing, you watch the situation for a long time, comparing the pros and cons.

This position is characteristic of those easily carried away and interested in a variety of things. Youu2019re moderately curious and open to making new acquaintances. You can ingratiate yourself with others, skillfully make compliments, and you praise your interlocutor if you feel it to be appropriate.

At first glance, you may seem a cold-hearted person, but when people get to know you they see totally new sides of you: kindness, amiability, and sincerity. However, youu2019re rather straightforward in serious questions. Youu2019re punctual, meticulous, and prefer to stick to a plan in everything.

Youu2019re a purposeful person who often shows pronounced leadership skills. Youu2019re always trying to stay informed and like to keep everything u2014 and sometimes everyone u2014 under control, and thatu2019s why you can be called commanding. Youu2019re open to new friends but rather jealous in relationships.

Youu2019re modest and even shy often feeling embarrassed in front of strangers. You can hardly be called a confident person. You try to hide your feelings and emotions from others, so youu2019re often considered a closed person.

Youu2019re a serious person with a strong character. Your thoughts are characterized by depth, so thereu2019s often a thoughtful and concentrated expression on your face rather than a radiant smile. Despite feeling completely confident, you donu2019t hurry to open up to other people.

Youu2019re very gentle, sensitive, and good-natured. You donu2019t ignore other peopleu2019s problems, reacting immediately and trying to give all possible help. At the same time, youu2019re rather shy, often doubting your words and decisions

Youu2019re an obvious leader, a bold and confident person who clearly demonstrates it to others. As a rule, this position is common among focused and attentive people rather than the absent-minded. Youu2019re not afraid of taking responsibility not only for your own but also for othersu2019 decisions. Youu2019re not afraid of problems and quickly find ways to solve them.

Youu2019re very emotional, impulsive, open, and amiable. Youu2019re cheerful and try to always remain optimistic and share it with other people. Communicating with you, people get inspired and get positive energy, so you almost never stay alone

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