The Cybathlon Is The Olympics For Bionic Athletes

Brilliance | Dec. 18, 2017

If you love the Olympic games and robotics, then, boy, do we have a treat for you. Meet the Cybathlon. This competition is the Olympics for bionic athletes. A coalition of Swiss robotics labs helped the first-ever Cybathlon take place in their home country in October 2016. The competition, which is modeled after the Olympics, sees athletes with robotics assistance competing in a variety of events. The National Centre of Competence in Research (NCCR) Robotics hosted the competition in an attempt to drum up interest in human-oriented robotics technologies.

The Cybathlon has six events: a bike race, leg race, wheelchair race, exoskeleton race, arm prosthetics race, and Brain Computer Interface race for competitors with full paralysis. See the athletes in action in the video below.

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