24 Amusing Confessions From People Who Don’t Like Cleaning

Injoy News | Dec. 18, 2017

Cleaning isu00a0something each ofu00a0us does inu00a0our own way. Some people decisively start fighting dirt, and others try tou00a0postpone the most crucial moment for asu00a0long asu00a0possible.

Bright Side has collected amazing examples ofu00a0situations where the surrounding itself hints that itu2019s time for au00a0clean-up.

"Mom came and started scolding meu00a0for staining the kettle, and then she tried tou00a0cleanu00a0it. Oh, byu00a0the way, itu00a0was orange."

u00a9 Bewaffneten / pikabu u00a0

"Weu00a0found our catu2019s stash when cleaning."

u00a9 devvy_downer / reddit u00a0

"Itu00a0seemsu00a0I should clean myu00a0keyboard more often. Myu00a0girlfriend found au00a0spider nest inu00a0one ofu00a0the keys."

u00a9 Cakelynn / reddit u00a0

Iu00a0told youu00a0I got them inu00a0au00a0minibus!

"Hereu2019s howu00a0I hinted tou00a0myu00a0wife that itu2019s time for spring cleaning. Byu00a0the way, weu00a0donu2019t have au00a0tiled floor. This isu00a0carpeting."

u00a9 ordin22 / reddit u00a0

"Today Mom called meu00a0and said she found drugs inu00a0myu00a0room. Now Iu00a0cannot prove tou00a0her this isu00a0thermal paste for myu00a0PC."

u00a9 stellaislekker / reddit u00a0

"Iu00a0finally decided tou00a0wash the fridge but found the factory wrapping. This was anu00a0unspeakable feeling becauseu00a0I didnu2019t have tou00a0washu00a0it."

u00a9 DreamMachine / pikabu u00a0

Anu00a0indicator for cleaning under the sofa:

u00a9 FamilyFrindlyFun / imgur u00a0

"Iu00a0decided tou00a0wash the floor under the bed. Turned out myu00a0younger brother had been throwing empty bottles and candy wrappers there for au00a0long time."

u00a9 teplplrovod / pikabu u00a0

u00a9 teplplrovod / pikabu u00a0

Someone just ran out ofu00a0clean bowls.

u00a9 accomforstudent / twitter u00a0

When youu2019re too lazy tou00a0take out the trash, you have tou00a0hone new skills.

u00a9 TwopTwips / twitter u00a0

When you set your mind onu00a0cleaning but suddenly ran out ofu00a0energy:

u00a9 maxifuny / pikabu u00a0

"Iu00a0just forgotu00a0I had potatoes."

u00a9 NachoLibreNick / reddit u00a0

"Itu2019s May. Iu00a0knowu00a0I should throw the Christmas tree away, but Iu2019m too lazy."

u00a9 curkapecurka / pikabu u00a0

Maybe weu2019ve all experienced this:

u00a9 amanlake / pikabu u00a0

Preview photo credit ordin22 / reddit

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