26 Impressive Inventions Each of Us Could Secretly Dream of at Least Once

Injoy News | Dec. 18, 2017

Designers keep improving the things weu00a0all use, making them more interesting. Sometimes their goal isu00a0just tou00a0make our daily life au00a0little brighter.

Bright Side created au00a0collection ofu00a0unusual ideas. Looking atu00a0them, weu00a0can only ask ourselves how weu00a0lived without these beauties before.

Au00a0phone charger that looks like au00a0stylish bracelet

u00a9 H720/reddit u00a0

Au00a0doormat for those who want tou00a0beu00a0precise inu00a0every little thing

u00a9 atomicpete/reddit u00a0

Anu00a0umbrella that can really hide you

u00a9 Patz0r/imgur u00a0

Au00a0flash drive that shows the amount ofu00a0free space left

u00a9 thefifthgiant/reddit u00a0

This pizza bag isu00a0asu00a0genius asu00a0itu00a0isu00a0simple.

u00a9 Ale85962/reddit u00a0

You can easily turn your ordinary bike into au00a0magic vehicle.

u00a9 unknown author/imgur u00a0

This microfiber patch makes you forget about looking for something tou00a0wipe your glasses with.

u00a9 Zedevile/reddit u00a0

Au00a0lamp that looks like au00a0piece ofu00a0smoldering wood

u00a9 Krusader67/reddit u00a0

Headphones for those who prefer the sounds ofu00a0waves tou00a0any music

u00a9 leozik/reddit u00a0

This cheese grater isu00a0for those who are legendary guitar players inu00a0their dreams.

u00a9 unknown author/imgur u00a0

Why would dinosaurs have such teeth?

u00a9 TheMexicanSteak/imgur u00a0

This measuring cup shows the volume even ifu00a0you inclineu00a0it.

u00a9 SharkGlue/reddit u00a0

Au00a0Fibonacci watch for puzzle lovers

u00a9 liiit/reddit u00a0

With these spoons, you wonu2019t beu00a0bored waiting for the water tou00a0boil.

u00a9 Patz0r/imgur u00a0

When you are both au00a0gamer and au00a0book lover:

u00a9 Breaderick/reddit u00a0

This tool set isu00a0packed into au00a0case inu00a0the shape ofu00a0Thoru2019s hammer. The perfect gift for au00a0comic lover!

u00a9 Panda_911/reddit u00a0

This lamp inu00a0the shape ofu00a0au00a0pencil can make any space cooler.

u00a9 VerGuy/reddit u00a0

Chocolate isu00a0au00a0whole universe!

u00a9 clap4kyle/reddit u00a0

Au00a0magnetic cookie holder for your milk

u00a9 mathewfrok/reddit u00a0

You can charge your phone with the power ofu00a0your muscles.

u00a9 unknown author/imgur u00a0

This clock shows all the hours.

u00a9 actionjackson4414/reddit u00a0

Finally, someone createdu00a0it.

u00a9 Patz0r/imgur u00a0

This toothpaste tube has 2u00a0holes.

u00a9 Umgurbanned/imgur u00a0

Every cat should have au00a0staircase.

u00a9 ProjectGSX/reddit u00a0

Anu00a0incredibly beautiful and minimalistic set ofu00a0playing cards

u00a9 hesaidshutup/reddit u00a0

This Christmas sweater allows you tou00a0make au00a0u201cliving fireplaceu201d inu00a0your belly using your phone.

u00a9 H720/reddit u00a0

You can sleep inu00a0au00a0nest, nou00a0matter ifu00a0you are anu00a0owl oru00a0au00a0lark.

u00a9 pya.cc u00a0

How often dou00a0you buy things just because you loved their design oru00a0they made you smile? Tellu00a0us inu00a0the comments!

Preview photo credit pya.cc

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