Russia's Womanhood Schools Teach Women To Be Housewives

Brilliance | Dec. 17, 2017

Welcome to a feminist's nightmare: womanhood school. These schools have gained popularity in Russia, and surprisingly aren't just old relics from a bygone era. Womanhood schools basically teach women to be housewives. Instructors at these schools generally believe that men are protectors and women are caretakers, and, according to a flyer for womanhood school Woman Inside, they want to help mold "the most incredible, successful, perfect young women who are what worthy men's dreams are made of."

June Cleaver, Eat Your Heart Out

Alesya Terekhova's Woman Inside school is located in Moscow. Terekhova says Russian women come to her for help in one of three areas: to find harmony, to find a husband, and to find more money. The courses at the school are tailored for each woman based on her needs, but they can range from refining table manners to learning to engage in interesting conversation.

Terekhova is not married, by the way.

Get more details on this 1950s-esque school in the video below.

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