The Lost Short Animated Film Collaboration Of Walt Disney And Salvador Dali

Brilliance | Dec. 17, 2017

Walt Disney and Salvador Dali were arguably two of the most famous and significant artists of the twentieth century. One could argue that the two sat on opposite sides of the spectrum: Disney created family-friendly animated cartoons, and Dali painted often disturbing surreal, fantastical images. But in the 1940s, the two creative powerhouses came together to collaborate on an animated short film, "Destino."

Disney and Dali didn't complete the film due to differing ideas on how it should go. But Roy Disney, Walt's nephew, didn't want to see the project die. In 1999, he hired Dali experts and animators to use the remaining sketches and images to complete "Destino," an abstract love story that earned the Walt Disney Company a 2003 Academy Award nomination for best animated short film. Classic animation art conservationist Ron Barbagallo later claimed to have found additional sketches for the film. He put together a 12-minute version, about twice as long as the 2003 short, that was consistent with what he believes was Dali's original vision for the project. Watch the video below to see parts of the short film.

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