Scientists Reveal 9 Ways Dating and Relationships May Look in the Future

Injoy News | Dec. 16, 2017

Have you ever watched au00a0sci-fi movie and wondered ifu00a0any ofu00a0the technologies from itu00a0could become au00a0part ofu00a0our everyday life? Weu00a0believe that gadgets and advanced technologies will make our life easier, and they already dou00a0inu00a0some ways. Today weu00a0can have digital products that were just au00a0dream 10u00a0years ago. They helpu00a0us stay inu00a0touch with school friends and send instant messages tou00a0our love partners.

Weu00a0atu00a0 Bright Side decided tou00a0find out how technologies can influence and change the future ofu00a0our relationships with people, and sou00a0weu00a0created au00a0list ofu00a09u00a0ways dating might look inu00a0the future.

1. Devices for augmented reality

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Imagine yourself talking tou00a0au00a0girl you like. Everything isu00a0fine, but all ofu00a0au00a0sudden she throws au00a0provocation atu00a0you, au00a0conversation u201ccurveball!u201d Sounds familiar? Yeah, girls dou00a0this all the time tou00a0test menu2019s reactions. Sheu2019s waiting for anu00a0answer that will decide their future. Weu00a0all want little hints that will helpu00a0us make any conversation smooth.

Google, Apple, and other companies are currently working onu00a0developing devices that will bring augmented reality tou00a0our life. Weu00a0will beu00a0able tou00a0use glasses, contact lenses, oru00a0even au00a0brain-machine interface byu00a0the year 2040. Different devices will totally change the way weu00a0interact and build relationships.

2. Remote kissing

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Are you onu00a0au00a0business trip and really miss your beloved? Now you can kiss them anytime you want. Well, asu00a0long asu00a0you donu2019t mind kissing anu00a0eyeless Mr. Potato Head. This isu00a0real. Au00a0special device was developed byu00a0researchers to u00a0simulate kissing your long-distance lover. Itu00a0has special pressure sensors and actuators, sou00a0the feeling will beu00a0almost real. Itu2019s only au00a0prototype, but experts say that inu00a0the future people will beu00a0able tou00a0buy special devices not only for kissing but for anu00a0intimate stimulation asu00a0well.

3. Full sensory virtual dating

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Todayu2019s researchers are exploring the possibilities ofu00a0 full sensory virtual reality dating inu00a0the future. Nou00a0need tou00a0leave your home oru00a0even your bed tou00a0gou00a0onu00a0au00a0date. This means that weu00a0will beu00a0able tou00a0digitally simulate our feelings and emotions and transmit them via specialu00a0VR devices. These developments will save single people time and energy and help find like-minded people inu00a0the most efficient way possible. Itu00a0may sound weird atu00a0first, but people from the 19th century would consider our modern dating routine weird asu00a0well.

4. Cosplay dating

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The huge popularity ofu00a0modern cosplay will determine the growth ofu00a0role-playing inu00a0relationships. Tou00a0break out ofu00a0their ordinary life, people attend cosplay parties and become members ofu00a0cosplay communities. Only there can they become someone theyu2019re not inu00a0the real world. Sou00a0ifu00a0youu2019re au00a0Superman, who would you want tou00a0date: Lois Lane oru00a0au00a0cute girl from au00a0coffee house? The answer isu00a0simple.

Au00a0group ofu00a0programmers has developed au00a0website that isu00a0based onu00a0pairing people byu00a0their interests and the preferable universes they want tou00a0liveu00a0in. The system pairs people byu00a0their levels ofu00a0u201cgeekdom,u201d along with other factors onu00a0their profiles. Inu00a0the future, cosplay role-playing will become even more diverse than itu00a0isu00a0now.

5. Computer-generated dating

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Today you can find all kinds ofu00a0online dating services onu00a0the internet. All you need tou00a0dou00a0isu00a0fill inu00a0au00a0form and start looking for au00a0potential candidate. The procedure isnu2019t difficult, but itu00a0isnu2019t too personal either. Inu00a0the near future, special programs will analyze your preferences, photos onu00a0social media, and even the people you interact with tou00a0create au00a0list ofu00a0perfect candidates for you. This will make the whole process less tiring and more personalized, taking matchmaking tou00a0au00a0whole new level. Some experts even predict thatu00a050% ofu00a0relationships will start online. Can you believeu00a0it?

6. Rent-a-family service

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This one will surprise you, but this scenario ofu00a0the future isu00a0already real inu00a0Japan. Single men inu00a0Japan can rent au00a0wife oru00a0au00a0whole family for au00a0certain period ofu00a0time. You can even rent au00a0friend. Despite the sky-high prices for such services, most ofu00a0the u201cfamiliesu201d are already booked. Single men dou00a0this tou00a0experience something new, like playing with u201ckidsu201d inu00a0au00a0park oru00a0going shopping with au00a0u201cwife,u201d and tou00a0feel less lonely.

Weu00a0can only imagine how this service will grow inu00a0the future. Different agencies will provide single people with friends, relatives, and wives tou00a0portray au00a0perfect life for them. You might even beu00a0able tou00a0subscribe tou00a0the best offers ofu00a0the year oru00a0month.

7. DNA and microbial matchmaking

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Inu00a0the future, medicine will take anu00a0important place inu00a0family and relationship planning. Not only will people beu00a0able tou00a0choose different donors from au00a0sperm bank, they will also have full access tou00a0the medical history records ofu00a0au00a0certain person. Ifu00a0youu2019re going onu00a0au00a0regular date, youu2019ll beu00a0able tou00a0see ifu00a0your partner has been diagnosed with au00a0specific disease.

Medical experts might help you find your perfect match with the help ofu00a0au00a0thorough DNA analysis. You can dou00a0itu00a0inu00a0advance, which isu00a0weirdly convenient. Itu00a0may beu00a0considered au00a0violation ofu00a0human rights today, but who wouldnu2019t want au00a0child with perfectly combined genes inu00a0the future?

8. Siri asu00a0au00a0dating surrogate

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The movie Her perfectly illustrates how the near future might look ifu00a0intelligent operating systems oru00a0even our little helper Siri could fulfill our every wish. People will use them asu00a0au00a0dating surrogate oru00a0simply asu00a0au00a0friend who knows all their needs, preferences, and can beu00a0there atu00a0any given moment. With all the points mentioned above, this one could happen very soon. Some people are single for au00a0reason: itu00a0might beu00a0health problems, disability, lack ofu00a0confidence, oru00a0simply fear, and anu00a0intelligent operating system will beu00a0great company for them. Itu00a0can even help them build au00a0future relationship with au00a0real person.

9. Life with silicone dolls and robots

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There are au00a0lot ofu00a0single men who are disappointed inu00a0their love life and refuse tou00a0cope with breakup drama over and over again. They prefer tou00a0hide inu00a0anu00a0imaginary world and live with au00a0lifelike silicone doll. Itu2019s au00a0common practice inu00a0Japan. While weu00a0have all heard aboutu00a0it, au00a0life with robots isu00a0something from au00a0sci-fi book.

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Experts say that inu00a0less than 50u00a0years, people will fall inu00a0love and live with robots. Besides, the first robot with feelings was recently created and launched. Itu00a0means that this type ofu00a0future isnu2019t far off. Some even predict that the majority ofu00a0single people will prefer au00a0robot partner tou00a0au00a0real one. Onu00a0the other hand, weu00a0can easily fall inu00a0love with au00a0fictional character oru00a0au00a0famous person weu00a0donu2019t even know, sou00a0itu00a0doesnu2019t seem sou00a0odd tou00a0feel the same toward robots.

The rapid development ofu00a0different technologies creates au00a0very alluring picture ofu00a0our future life and especially our relationships. Which ofu00a0the life aspects mentioned above would you want tou00a0apply to u00a0your love life? Share your opinion withu00a0us inu00a0the comments.

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