The Force Field Blanket Keeps Monsters (and Darkness) At Bay

Brilliance | Dec. 16, 2017

Do you remember what a dark room after bedtime was like when you were a kid? When you were surrounded by murky shapes in the shadows, hearing tiny noises magnified in your little head, and imagining (or were you??) that the closet door was sloooowly sliding open... Yikes. You're lucky you made it out alive. Fortunately, your own kids can avoid those night-time terrors thanks to this glow-in-the-dark blanket that doubles as a monster-proof force field. It even stays glowing for eight to ten hours. (Monsters rarely wait that long to pounce.)

Where Do Monsters Come From?

Let's be honest. The monsters aren't real, but the nightmares are. And when you address your child's nocturnal fears, it's important that you don't make them feel silly or foolish. According to Parents magazine, teasing a child for their fear or forcing them to confront it is almost always going to backfire. But you also don't want to make the source of the fear feel real. Why not try these tactful and effective methods for soothing your kids instead?

A Monster-Proof Force Field

The secret of this comforting cloth is a high-power glow-in-the-dark ink that stays glowing more than eight hours after the lights are off. That ink is then printed onto the blanket in futuristic, geometric patterns, where it can recharge under a bright light after just 15 minutes. That makes it easy to prepare right before bedtime (just lay it out and leave the lights on in the kids' rooms ahead of time). And if you're rolling them out for a slumber party, you can let the kids make semi-permanent shadow puppets by blocking the light while they're charging. No monster will be able to stand those giggles.

If you want to equip your kid to battle back the monsters, head over to the Force Field Cloak Kickstarter campaign and grab one before it ends on October 6th.

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