The adorable Sesame Street vampire and apparent nobleman Count Von Count, largely known as simply The Count, is beloved for his quirky obsession with counting. Although this tendency, also known as arithmomania, is great for teaching children about numbers, that's not the only reason he does it. His passion for counting also aligns with a real-life vampire legend: vampires can't resist counting everything they see. Those who believed the legend used it to their advantage by sprinkling graves and graveyards with seeds, grains, or anything else that was difficult to count. Because of their multitudinous knots, fishing nets were also a popular choice, and would often be buried with corpses or cast over doors. Both methods were especially effective because of how slowly vampires were believed to count. In Vampires, Burial, and Death: Folklore and Reality, Paul Barber writes, "Usually what is at issue is a harnessing of the revenant's [vampire's] compulsions: he must collect the grains one at a time, and often just one grain per year. This so engages his attention that he is obliged to drop all other pursuits." Learn more about vampire legends in the videos below.