Doritos Aren't Just Delicious, They're Addictive

Brilliance | Dec. 15, 2017

As any snack-lover can tell you, it's tough to put down a bag of Doritos. And that's not just because they're delicious—the tasty chips are specifically engineered to make you feel like you haven't had enough.

Food scientist and author Steven A. Witherly explained to The New York Times that these popular, cheesy chips are the archetype of addictive processed foods. Witherly said that Doritos perfectly balance two strong types of flavor: savory umami, and a long-lasting garlic-type flavor. The recipe for Doritos carefully blends the two in order to ensure your mouth is not overwhelmed by either one. For instance, it'd be easy to get sick of strongly flavored rosemary chips after just a few. According to Witherly, Doritos' addictive combination is even more pronounced when you lick the Dorito dust on your fingers, as there are no chips to dilute the flavors. Craving more about this classic snack food? Check out these videos.

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