Death of management, corruption's real cause and other top stories of the week

Technology Eye | Dec. 15, 2017

A list of some of the week's most interesting stories on economic growth and social inclusion.

Time to fire all the managers? Reorganizing for the new era of industry .

Don’t blame institutions or culture. Here’s the real cause of corruption .

The hottest cryptocurrency in China. Will OneCoin be banned? What AI might hardwire into our future: sexism . Net neutrality, data protection, innovation. Why India may lead cyberspace . It’s not just how much you read to your children. It’s what you read . Europe is outperforming the US. Big ideas for the EU economy’s future.

What can replace search for Baidu? Owning the future of AI . Where manufacturing went. The geography of industrial production in the US. The Terminator that makes donuts. Robots are transforming fast food. Black holes are simpler than forests. And we may never understand either .

Agile governance and smarter globalization. An editorial by Forum executive chairman Professor Klaus Schwab. ( USA Today ) The country where fathers do most of the childcare. Cites Global Gender Gap Report. ( Times of London ) Time to regulate e-commerce? Coverage of a Forum and WTO initiative. ( The Hindu ) US policy to impact China’s decision on economic goals. Cites Global Competitiveness Index. ( South China Morning Post ) America’s economic selling points at risk. References Forum data. ( Financial Times )

SOURCE: World Economic Forum

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