Condom Ads Banned: Check out The Sanskari Version of These Ads

Injoy News | Dec. 15, 2017

With 1.3 billion populations it seems that it will increase in a more rapid way because Indian government has recently banned the condom ads in prime time. The Information and Broadcast Ministry of India asked TV channels to stop airing condom ads between 6 AM to 10 PM which is a time when very less no. of people watch television.

According to media reports the government on Monday said that advertisements u2018indecent specially for childrenu2019 and advised the advertisement agensies that, u2018any failure will attract action as per provisions of the rulesu2019. The step was taken after Advertising Standards Council Of India (ASCI) requested the Ministry earlier this month to take a call on such ads and their telecast timings. The action was taken after the complaints that u201csome channels carry advertisements of condoms repeatedly which are alleged to be indecent, especially for childrenu201d.

Let's check out how these condoms ads will look like for so-called sansakri people.

The problem is that why so conservative thought still exist in a place like India which is on the path of becoming a developed country. As the issue is becoming a burning topic we decided to mould the condom ads and make it more Sanskari.

Author - Amit Singh

Design Credits - Vikas Kakkar

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