9 Worst & Pathetic Dialogues From Bollywood!

Injoy News | Dec. 15, 2017

Some things once heard, cannot be unheard. Certain dialogues are so repulsive that I regret watching the movie or hearing the dialogue. Apart from the ones already listed in other answers, here is a list of some of the Bollywood dialogues that literally going to Piss you off.

PS/ Warning: Some disgusting dialogues ahead. Proceed only if you want to ruin rest of your day, as these dialogues will stay in your mind and keep reminding you of how disgusting they are.

One of the worst movie of Bollywood and yet having a 8.1 IMBD score. Ironical but yet true.

WTF, like what the hell she is trying to say.

Like seriously he simply urinates the blood. Consult a doctor dude.

A very trendy and famous dialogue from not so famous person.

Like this is a great way to address your long hairs topknot.

Ok, this is iconic, he only takes sleep on the bed. Ok fine.

This is our Bhaijaan SWAG!

Action khiladi is also not a masterpiece in Bollywood. See the rhythm of dialogue.

What else we can expect from Priyanka Gandhi looking Tiger Shroff.

Donu2019t get angry or irritated while reading these dialogues because u201cYE BOLLYWOOD HAI MERI JAANu201d

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Author u2013 Adnan Alam

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