8 Things You Should Never Ever Tell Your Phone

Injoy News | Dec. 15, 2017

All Apple users know Siriu00a0u2014 anu00a0automated personal assistant, always ready tou00a0help her owner with any question. Yet sometimes her responses can dou00a0more harm than good.

Bright Side compiled au00a0list ofu00a08u00a0things youu2019d better avoid asking Siri about. And donu2019t miss the bonus atu00a0the end.

8. Donu2019t tell Siri tou00a0call your boyfriend.


Really, donu2019t. Especially ifu00a0youu2019re not alone inu00a0the room. The thingu00a0is, Siri can create relationships byu00a0adding tags tou00a0your contacts. So, for example, ifu00a0you ask her tou00a0call Dad, she will gladly dou00a0it.

Sou00a0 whatu2019s the trick with boyfriends? Pretty simple: Siri can create tags but cannot remove them. Now imagine that she has au00a0list ofu00a0all your exes. Oops!

7. Donu2019t tell her you need tou00a0hide au00a0body.

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Yes, her answers may beu00a0funny (and they are), but youu2019d better google funny questions tou00a0Siri tou00a0satisfy your interest. Big Brother isu00a0watching you, and all searches for DIY drugs oru00a0explosives may attract the attention ofu00a0security services. They wonu2019t come for you right away, but they will definitely note your interest.

Dou00a0you really need this kind ofu00a0problem?

6. Donu2019t ask her tou00a0call anu00a0ambulance.

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You probably know that Siri can beu00a0overly literal sometimes. Ifu00a0you say something like, u201cCall meu00a0anu00a0ambulance,u201c she may understand itu00a0asu00a0au00a0new funny nickname. Youu2019d better call itu00a0yourself and not trust your life tou00a0your assistant.

But ifu00a0thereu2019s nou00a0other way out, beu00a0asu00a0precise asu00a0possible when itu00a0comes tou00a0wording. Tell her, u201dSiri, call anu00a0ambulance." Or, better yet, just say the emergency number she has tou00a0call.

5. Donu2019t search for unknown animals oru00a0plants.

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Ifu00a0youu2019re lucky enough (and not inu00a0Australia), most ofu00a0these monsters probably live far away from you, and youu2019ll never meet them.

Asking Siri tou00a0identify plants may beu00a0 dangerous: the internet isu00a0full ofu00a0unreliable sources. Itu2019s better tou00a0read some relevant books beforehand. Search for the plants you can meet inu00a0the particular area youu2019re goingu00a0to, and stay safe.

4. Never tell her tou00a0show you skin and home parasites.

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Au00a0manu2019s home isu00a0his castle, and you probably feel safe there. All those comfortable couches and pillows...itu2019s sou00a0awesome tou00a0lie there after au00a0long working day...

Our immune system takes care ofu00a0us, sou00a0weu00a0donu2019t need tou00a0think about all the horrible stuff aroundu00a0us. And itu2019s even closer than you can imagine. Just follow hygiene rules and dou00a0 regular cleaning. And never ask Siri tou00a0find this information for you.

3. Donu2019t try tou00a0find out ifu00a0Jon Snow isu00a0alive.

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Our faithful Siri turned out tou00a0beu00a0asu00a0secretive asu00a0Mr. Martinu00a0u2014 sou00a0unfair! Oru00a0maybe sheu2019s nou00a0less confused and interested than weu00a0are?

Anyway, all Siri can give are funny yet vague phrases: she providesu00a0us with some quotes about death from theu00a0TV series, hopes someone takes care ofu00a0Jon Snowu2019s dog...and even invites the poor guy tou00a0try restarting.

2. Donu2019t ask her medical questions.

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Siri can answer almost any ofu00a0your questions. But when itu00a0comes tou00a0health, itu2019s better tou00a0rely onu00a0au00a0professional. Itu00a0can beu00a0both ineffective and dangerous tou00a0start self-treatment asu00a0different diseases can have au00a0bunch ofu00a0 similar symptoms.

1. And finally, never ever ask her about Septemberu00a011.

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The Canadian police asked people tou00a0never search for information about September 11u00a0using Siri. And itu2019s not because she reveals secret information. The thingu00a0is, Siri understands this asu00a0au00a0request tou00a0call 911 and connects you tou00a0the nearest police department inu00a05u00a0seconds.

Actually, the same applies tou00a0108u00a0u2014 au00a0famous internet prank. Itu2019s not funny, guys. You may beu00a0punished for misleading the police. And itu00a0may cost someone their life.

Now itu2019s time for au00a0funny bonus.

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Ofu00a0course, weu00a0shouldnu2019t forget that Siri has au00a0good sense ofu00a0humor with au00a0great deal ofu00a0sarcasm. Sou00a0ifu00a0you were atu00a0au00a0cool party last night, donu2019t ask Siri tou00a0find you au00a0cure for au00a0hangover. Sheu2019s au00a0little bitchy when itu00a0comes tou00a0alcohol.

Know what she says? She offers you au00a0list ofu00a0the nearest liquor stores. How cruel isu00a0this, Siri?! Feeling au00a0little sick now...

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