Show Twin Girls From Children to Teenagers

Injoy News | Dec. 15, 2017

Bright Side chose the most impressive photos of Erna and Hrefna and invites you to spend some quiet time with this misty gentleness.

Ariko Inaoka is a New York dweller, though she was born in Japan. She went to Iceland to shoot landscapes because they reminded her of her hometown of Kyoto. u201cThereu2019s such a soft light, as if you look at the world through thin rice paper,u201d she said.At the same time, she agreed to work on a fashion catalog photo session there. Her friend saw the twins in a pool and invited them to the casting. The twins were 6 then.

When the session was over, Ariko left for home, but she never stopped thinking about Erna and Hrefna. To her, they seemed to be the embodiment of Icelandu2019s beautiful landscapes. In 2009, when the girls were 9, she came back to Reykjavik to take photos of them again. Ariko had been fond of the twins theme for a long time because she was sure that a camera could see something human eyes couldnu2019t.

u201cI couldnu2019t stop thinking what these twins would be like when they are 17,u201d Ariko said. That was how her project Twins was born. The photographer wanted to catch all of the physical and psychological changes which came along with growing up. She also wanted to show the special connection between the twins. Each summer, she visits Iceland to see how the girls have grown.

Erna and Hrefna are always together, they almost never fight, and they even have similar dreams. Ariko thinks there is a telepathic connection between the girls, the like of which she had never seen before.The girls do ballet and possess natural body control, especially in front of the camera. Thus, they can embody almost any of the photographeru2019s ideas.

Do you have a favorite photo project? Tell us more in the comments below. Letu2019s see them together.

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