6 Scientifically Proven Reasons Why Couples Eventually Start to Look Alike

Injoy News | Dec. 15, 2017

Youu2019ve probably noticed au00a0connection between how many years au00a0couple has been together and how much they look like each other. Any couple has many things inu00a0common, and some even have similar facial features. But there are couples who look asu00a0ifu00a0they are brother and sister.

Weu00a0atu00a0 Bright Side have also noticed such au00a0tendency, and weu00a0decided tou00a0find out what scientists think about this interesting phenomenon. Who knows? Maybe there isu00a0someone out there for everyone. Au00a0heartwarming bonus atu00a0the end ofu00a0the article will prove that true love can never beu00a0forgotten.

Resembling our parents

They say that au00a0man tends tou00a0marry his mother. Itu00a0isu00a0more likely that his wife will share some close similarities with his mother, both inu00a0habit and appearance. Scientists confirm that weu00a0choose partners who not only look likeu00a0us but also like our opposite-sex parent. The most significant factors here are hair and eye color and the age ofu00a0our parents. Ifu00a0your parents werenu2019t young when they had you, youu2019ll look for au00a0partner whou2019s older than you.

Number ofu00a0years spent together

Robert Zanjonc, anu00a0American social psychologist, compared photographs ofu00a0couples onu00a0their wedding day with those taken 25u00a0years later. His study showed that even ifu00a0au00a0husband and wife had nou00a0facial similarities atu00a0all, some 25u00a0years later they looked surprisingly alike. Another cool fact from his survey: the more marital happiness au00a0couple reported, the greater their increase inu00a0facial resemblance.

Sharing experiences

Another reason for eventually starting tou00a0look like each other isu00a0sharing experiences with your partner. Throughout their life together, au00a0couple experiences au00a0great deal ofu00a0happy and sad moments. Everything they gou00a0through together asu00a0au00a0couple affects their body language and emotional state. Their history isu00a0u201cwrittenu201d onu00a0their faces: even au00a0coupleu2019s wrinkles form inu00a0the same places.

Weu2019re attracted tou00a0people who look likeu00a0us.

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According tou00a0studies, weu2019re attracted tou00a0those who have facial similarities withu00a0us. Itu2019s called assortative mating, au00a0theory suggesting that individuals with similar phenotypes mate with one another more frequently. Ifu00a0you 2u00a0look alike, chances are your child will look au00a0lot like both ofu00a0you. Scientists believe this isu00a0how individuals try tou00a0maximally pass onu00a0their genes tou00a0the next generation.

Similar immune systems

Our immune system reflects our lifestyle, including our eating habits and physical exercise. Au00a0group ofu00a0scientists concluded that couples who had been married for au00a0long time have very similar immune systems. Maybe thatu2019s why 2u00a0partners often share their habits and lifestyle inu00a0general.


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Couples who are inu00a0tune with each other often mirror each otheru2019s habits and body language. Itu00a0shows that thereu2019s emotional comfort and trust inu00a0their relationship. Scientists state that partners tend tou00a0change their own habits throughout their married life. For example, ifu00a0one ofu00a0them was trying tou00a0quit smoking and started eating healthy food, the other one often did the same.

Bonus: Despite all the differences and similarities, the best thing tou00a0dou00a0isu00a0keep falling inu00a0love with your special someone over and over again.

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u201cMyu00a0grandparentsu2019 60th wedding anniversary. Myu00a0grandfather had Alzheimeru2019s. Heu00a0didnu2019t remember his children, his home, oru00a0anything else. But, asu00a0bad asu00a0itu00a0got, whenever heu00a0saw myu00a0grandmother heu00a0would say, u2019Look atu00a0myu00a0beautiful wife!u2019 u201d

And dou00a0you and your loved one look alike? Share inu00a0the comments!

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