Behind the Harem Doors: What the Real Life of Arab Wives Is Like

Injoy News | Dec. 14, 2017

Polygamy and harems, the absence ofu00a0education and legal lack ofu00a0rights, glittering diamonds and hijabsu00a0u2014 the lives ofu00a0Arabic wives have sou00a0many stereotypes inu00a0the eyes ofu00a0foreigners that itu00a0becomes difficult tou00a0distinguish the truth from the myths.

Bright Side decided tou00a0find out what the real life ofu00a0beautiful and mysterious Eastern women isu00a0all about.

Arranged marriage

u00a9 S.M. Samee/ wikimedia u00a0

Wedding ceremonies

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Traditions vary inu00a0different countries, but anu00a0Arab bride and groom celebrate their wedding separately.


u00a9 mozabintnasser/instagram u00a0


u00a9 East News u00a0

Womenu2019s rights

u00a9 arabian__girl/instagram u00a0

Despite the stereotypes, anu00a0Arab woman isu00a0highly respected byu00a0men. She shouldnu2019t feel the need for anything.


u00a9 arabian__girl/instagram u00a0 u00a9 sabrinemaghnie/instagram u00a0

Education and work

u00a9 songriverflow/imgur u00a0

Are there any other interesting facts about Arab women that you know? Please dou00a0share them inu00a0the comments!

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