10 Casino Secrets No Casino Owner Would Willingly Spill

Injoy News | Dec. 14, 2017

Shining neon lights, beautiful people smiling atu00a0you, au00a0luxurious lifestyle, easy moneyu00a0u2014 all things weu00a0usually associate with au00a0casino. But isu00a0itu00a0sou00a0bright and shiny after all? Weu00a0are sure there are some facts you didnu2019t know about gambling houses and the way they make you spend more money.

Weu00a0atu00a0 Bright Side compiled au00a0list ofu00a010u00a0secrets that nou00a0casino owner will ever tell you.

10. The shining lights and dynamic music make you bet atu00a0au00a0faster pace.

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Ever wondered why inside all casinos thereu2019s au00a0countless number ofu00a0shining lights and eye-catching details? Well, this isu00a0just one ofu00a0many tricks casinos use tou00a0make you spend more. Psychologists say that red lights and fast music push gamblers tou00a0make faster decisions and, eventually, spend more money.

9. The more people per table, the slower the game.

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Professional gamblers, surprisingly, choose tou00a0play atu00a0full tables. And they have several reasons for this. First ofu00a0all, more people atu00a0the table means au00a0slower game with more time for thinking. Besides, complimentary awards (free drinks, for instance) are typically tied tou00a0the amount ofu00a0time au00a0gambler spends inu00a0au00a0casino.

8. Security isu00a0everywhere...even ifu00a0you donu2019t see them.

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Have you ever seen au00a0heist movie with au00a0casino? Well, how good are you? You probably wouldnu2019t beu00a0able tou00a0scheme your money back from au00a0casino, and thatu2019s because ofu00a0its security system. No, weu00a0donu2019t mean those buffed guys atu00a0the entrance. Video cameras are spread all over the scene, and au00a0facial recognition system will immediately know who you are, your financial status, and ifu00a0you are related tou00a0anyone else inu00a0the casino atu00a0this particular time. They donu2019t play any games, yu2019all. Except for the intended ones.

7. Larger chips make losing more palatable.

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Casinos encourage you tou00a0take larger chips instead ofu00a0smaller ones. Itu00a0isu00a0tied upu00a0inu00a0psychology. Larger chips make spending au00a0lot easier because youu2019d rather throw one $25 chip than count 5u00a0$5u00a0chips.

6. There arenu2019t any clocks oru00a0windows inu00a0most casinos.

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Itu00a0isu00a0easy tou00a0lose track ofu00a0time inu00a0au00a0casino. One ofu00a0the reasons isu00a0that there are usually nou00a0clocks oru00a0windows there tou00a0tell you how much time youu2019ve already spent inside. The game devours you, and your stay atu00a0au00a0casino becomes au00a0lot longer than planned. Thus, you spend more money.

5. Donu2019t play keno...

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The odds ofu00a0winning inu00a0keno are absolutely awful. Youu2019d beu00a0better donating your money instead. But ifu00a0you dou00a0play keno, keep inu00a0mind that you are literally setting your money onu00a0fire. Seriously, nou00a0one ever could match all 20u00a0numbers onu00a0au00a020-spot ticket. The odds ofu00a0meeting au00a0unicorn look more appealing.

4. ...or roulette.

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The big shiny wheel inu00a0the center ofu00a0au00a0casino always looks appealing and tempts many people tou00a0test their luck. Roulette usually carries the biggest house edge ofu00a0any machine inu00a0the room. But the odds ofu00a0winning are really small (although they are still more appealing than kenou2019s). Less snazzy machines inu00a0less central spots within the casino are au00a0better shot.

3. Ambience isu00a0key.

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How dou00a0all ofu00a0those tricks fly over our heads? Simple. The casino makes you feel like you are well taken careu00a0of. Soft music, mellow lights, au00a0cozy feeling ofu00a0comfort. The couches are nice, and the carpet patterns are carefully chosen with lines and swirls and splashes. Along with everything else, itu00a0puts au00a0person into au00a0trance-like state.

2. Location, location, location

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Have you ever noticed how tou00a0get tou00a0the restroom oru00a0dining room oru00a0tou00a0cash inu00a0your chips you need tou00a0gou00a0through rows ofu00a0tempting slot machines and tables? The trick ofu00a0locating all ofu00a0the services inu00a0the least reachable places makes you stop and spend more money onu00a0your way anywhere.

1. Occasional win

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Nothing brings your hopes upu00a0asu00a0much asu00a0au00a0happy face next tou00a0you. u201cIfu00a0someone can win, thenu00a0I can too!u201d isu00a0the biggest trick inu00a0the book. Unfortunately, the risk ofu00a0losing isu00a0sou00a0high and the chance ofu00a0winning isu00a0sou00a0slim that you should really ask yourself ifu00a0itu2019s worthu00a0it.

Weu00a0have nothing against fun, but weu00a0atu00a0 Bright Side urge you tou00a0not lose your head gambling. Play safe!

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